Saturday, September 6, 2014

I'm kinda tired

The soccer tourney did not take place, but the quick trip to the parents' house did. I had forgotten how much I missed the smells and sights calm my mind and fill my heart. We took a trip to the state park and their wonderful playground and then to the aquatic center for a swim and a slide. While we were gone, the boy and S had soccer games. The boy played hard and the hub said he did an excellent job. They lost, but had a wonderful comeback and almost tied. S played her first soccer game since early July. SInce she is with the high school band, she had to give up her spot on the middle school team. Her favorite non relative coach has been kind enough to let her play on the rec team without making many practices. She was so excited this morning, she couldn't stand it. The hub kept me up to date by text. She drew first blood in the game and was able to get a couple more along the way. She is a tired puppy tonight, but felt so good. Soccer is in her soul and she loves to play. I am grateful for her gift of an opportunity this season.

I am tired. I cannot get cooled off, so I am going to set the A/C to meat locker mode. Night all.

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