Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sleeping it off

I am ready for bed right now, but I am a creature of habit and I cannot go to sleep without doing a few things. Here they are in no certain order:

1. I must write my blog entry for the day. Most of the time they are nothing of excitement to read. Every once in a while a Pizza Inn or family attack dog demo post will come in, but mostly just the minutae of my nonexciting days. Oh well.

2. I must take a bath/shower. Here is how looney I am. We sat in an afternoondownpour watching the boy play soccer. I was soaked and went home to shower and get warm. That was truly 4 hours ago and I will not be able to sleep until I have another bath before bed. I'm OCD...I get it.

3. I must apply some of that EOS egg lip balm before I lay down. Why? Because I ran out of Burt's Bees.

4. I must check my alarm clock about 77 times to make sure that it is set so we are not late for school. There are few things I hate more than being late, so I must make 77-duple sure that it is set.

5. Who am I kidding, this is the most important one of all. Ever since I can remember, I have had to turn my pillowcase openings away from the side of the bed. It needs to be in the middle, because you can never be too careful about creatures(aliens and boogers and haints and such)crawling into your pillowcase and causing nighttime havoc. It still bothers me at this age. Don't even get me started on the anxiety of having to sleep in a twin bed...there is no middle. Nightmarish.

On that note, that water is running and I am reading to get this sleepy time started. Night all.

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