Monday, September 29, 2014

Sewing and solving

After this crazy weekend, I needed to play catch up with the laundry and some other stuff. Soooo, I turned into a hermit and spent most of the day in the basement. Just call me the laundry troll. It fits. I did break out long enough to pick up children and get my hair cut by my very lovely and very pregnant friend. Three weeks to go and she is still working her magic and making me feel like a shiny dime when I leave her sweet little shop.

After all the children were picked up for good and returned to the ranch, I returned to the basement to try and sew up some more creature carcasses for finishing. I must admit that I am currently crestfallen by the fact that my heavy duty box full of all of my grandmother's patterns that I have used for years is gone. I have gone over the house with not quite a fine toothed comb, but close to it. I need to make some bunnies and bears and I need my pattern pieces. It hurts my heart to think they are gone. Pray we can solve this mystery. We have made so many creatures with them and I want to continue her tradition. If I have left a clear hard plastic box full of brown paper bag body parts, let me know. I have some fabric that wants to meet them.

Until then, I will sew socks while watching Criminal Minds reruns and find that blasted box. Night all.

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