Friday, September 26, 2014


This has been a busy day. Baking a birthday cake. Getting people some haircuts. Cleaning, laundry, shopping, transporting kids. There has been a group text(store that away)going all day with details about the impending birth and then actual delivery of our new great niece. My brother has been keeping my mom, my aunts and me in the know and sent a few pictures. Very exciting and mom and baby are doing well.

This evening the hub took the two youngers and went to a Lady Vols soccer game with their soccer teams. I went to sit with lots of my fellow Ftn Citians at the local high school football game to see S play in band again. While I can do without the constant movement and unfocused crowd, I enjoy the energy of a high school football game and sitting in my favorite place: right next to the band. Knowing this was going to be a packed house for an inevitable slaughtering of our team, I got there way early and sat down to watch the pre-pregame stuff. A mother got very angry at the fact that I had apparently taken the seat that she sits in every game. While I did not see the brass plaque commemorating such an important thing, I apparently should have known that she always sits on the end and always gets there to the stadium before everybody else does...except for tonight. She wouldn't say these words directly to me, but to every friend who walked through the stadium. Passive aggressive much? Anyway, I was documenting all of this mom's shenanigans and awful things to my brother. I was very angry. As siblings often do, because we are siblings and can say things to each other that we can't to most people, I ended the text with a word. It was a descritive word of the not so nice type when refering to a human. A technical term when referring to a female dog. I should not have said it, but she had worn me out for 45 minutes and I needed to vent or my mouth might have gotten ugly. As soon as I pressed send, I looked up to watch the players for a minute. My phone beeped. "You sent that text to Mom and the aunts....HAHAHAHA!!!!", said my brother. I looked and he was not joking. Twenty minutes later, I had called both aunts and my mother to beg their forgiveness and apologize for my potty mouthed description. They all laughed and told me not to worry, but I am mortified beyond belief. Don't text in anger, friends. Or if you do, check and make sure of the recipient. Mine was two aunts, my mother and my brother...and it was located right under the cherubic picture of our new niece sleeping very intensely. I will crawl under my rock now.

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