Thursday, September 25, 2014

Brace face...almost

The girl got molds made for braces today. My gracious how braces and orthodontic everything has changed over the years. When I got braces, I went in at 8 in the morning and was in the office for a good 2-3 hours while they put the braces on and I listened to easy listening hits of the '70's and '80's on the headsets they provided. I remember my mom picking me up at school and dropping me off at Dr. White's office where I signed in, got a cellophane wrapped toothbrush to wash the funk off and sat doing homework until I was called back to a second holding area with earphones and soft rock. There was the replacing of rubberbands and tightening wires and all that business. They told us today that it would take 5-10 minutes to put the braces on her teeth. Good golly. Thank goodness. It will be a 24-30 month adventure that will start Oct. 16. She better get her caramel apple, taffy and ooeygooey eating done before then...or things will get very interesting.

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