Thursday, September 4, 2014

Take a breath...

Well. We talked to the orthodontist today. I have known him for a while, although he did not totally remember me(the curse of a preschool teacher of toddlers). He was great with both girls and was very good about explaining what was going on in their mouths with their "wonky teeth" as they call them. The bad news? We saw the price of the whole adventure for one mouth. After I picked my jaw up off the floor, the good news came. G has some tooth losing and permanent teeth sprouting yet to do. A little respite from the financial shock for a year. S will be molded and getting her braces probably sometime in October. Top first for about 4-6months and then the bottoms will follow. He hopes, with her super crowded mouth, to make some room with braces rather than doing extractions. S was pleased with that decision. I was too. When I got braces in middle school, I had to go to the oral surgeon and have 4 teeth cut out. When we arrived at the office, it turned out that I got to have 7 cut out instead. I was given an IV and drifted off to Lalaland whilst watching imaginary clowns swing through my oral surgeon's tooth gap...they gave me good meds. I recovered watching Knight Rider and feasting on one of my dad's homemade milkshakes. The Tooth Fairy compensated me well and let me keep the teeth. I may have painted that story in a happy light, but it sucked big time and I am glad S will not have to deal with that.

All that being said, it was an okay visit and day. Now for a shower and packing for a quick overnight soccer trip. The fun never ends.

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