Monday, September 22, 2014

Almost time....

I am desperately trying to get all of my evening chores done.  In one of many momentary lapses of judgement today, I chose to completely empty out our hall closet and organize it right before dinnertime.  The contents are lining the hallway like a beacon of my horrible closet organization management.  What the closet does not understand is the The Blacklist starts tonight.  Red returns and I cannot miss a single second.  My obsession with this show and all of the premieres this week and the next may be the key to why all my closets are such a mess.  I have also realized that I really have a school supply stockpiling problem.  I don't think we will ever need to purchase one of those black and white speckled composition notebooks for at least the next three years.  We also have a healthy supply of the Pink Pearl erasers, a couple boxes of yellow #2 pencils and one lonely glue stick.  I won't even talk about how many packs of the "10 for $10" baby wipes I have.  We still use those for the car, trips to the zoo and other places we need to clean off before eating and quick yard mishap blood clean up.  So in reality, this closet is just a treasure trove of wonderful surprises and the family will benefit from all the crap, er, stuff it holds.

Now I'm off to pitch out 12 medicine spoons and then watch Red and the gang.  Night all.

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