Tuesday, September 16, 2014

On a tear

I am in my pajamas getting warm after a chilly end to soccer practice. The hub is watching some sports show where a well known news guy is taking on the NFL. I will admit that football has not always been my favorite thing to view. The things a girl will do when she is in love: watch his favorite shows and endure the hours of his favorite sporting events. Once we got married, I felt it was okay to not have to watch every second of every game. I do still watch college ball and the Super Bowl. I really have grown quite queasy with how the NFL handles, well, most everything. Everything for the almighty dollar is their unwritten mantra I feel. Look the other way for killing others, beating your significant other, beating your child to the point of injury, allowing players to be concussed to the point that too many are now in need of 24 hour care. All for the almighty dollar. I have children. I have a son. Most little boys say they want to play football to some degree. Would my child ever be in the NFL? Well with his negotiating skills he might be one of their lawyers, but I pray not. I know I am a soccer mom and have a daughter with two concussions under her now required head gear. Profesional soccer is just as drama filled in lots of ways, but again my child will not be participating at that level. But they will all see football players, dripping with possessions and wealth and treated like gods who can get away with atrocities. Are all NFL guys bad? Not at all. There are so many good ones...great ones even. Where is their spotlight? It is stolen from them by the thugs. Way to have priorities in order NFL. We'll turn to bowling.

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