Wednesday, September 17, 2014


It has been a very emotionally weird day that I cannot begin to describe. Worry and fear and anger and astonishment and frustration and humor even. I am just glad to be in my A&W Root Beer tshirt pj's and in my comfy bed, my husband snoozing by my side. Days like these make me so very grateful for a good man, a healthy relationship between us and supportive families. We lived a sweet life.

I again ask you to pray and send well wishes to an individual in need. It is a concern that is laying on the hearts of so many who want to help but feel helpless at the same time. Please lift the situation up.

Lastly, my son got his new Rec Specs today:

Naturally he thinks he is hot stuff with them on. I think he looks a little like Snoopy when he is the World War I flying ace. Whatever he looks like, I don't care as long as he can see the ball flying at his face before it makes contact.

Have a good night. I'll hope for a funny day tomorrow so I won't bum all three of you out again.
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