Friday, September 19, 2014

Backyard at low tide

Today I got a bee in my bonnet and got just a little crazy outside. First I trimmed back the English ivy that has decided to grow like crazy and invade our patio. Then I decided I needed to pressure wash stuff. What? Well, it turned out to be the patio. It had been long overdue for a good high pressure bath and I was in the mood to see some progress. The upper tier of the patio came along quite nicely, those nice bright strips of clean concrete shining like a beacon of progress against the dirty from tree junk, dog and kids part. The second tier proved to be more difficult. First off, the pressure washer decided to take its power down to about 75% or less, making the work a lot harder and longer. That area is also where the hickory tree drops its trash, today with dangerous accuracy, on my head and the ground. Progress was noted, especially the area where our prima donna "I can't get my paws wet so I'm going to unload the powerful pressure of my bladder right here on the concrete" dog makes her deposit every once in a while. I was only about 15% done on the lower tier when I smelled the familiar smell of low tide from all the goo and moss and algae and whatever else gets dislodged and is washed into our woodsy backyard. That kind of makes it sound like we live in filth. No...just the woods with lots of tree trash and such. Time got away from me, so I used the less than 75% pressured water to rinse off my filthy legs and feet and ran to get the kids. I did make sure my hair looked good and the rest of me was dirt free before I left. I have gone to pickup filthy whilst in the middle of a construction project. No curlers yet, but the kids haven't tried me to the point that I have found that a necessary tactic. Keeping it in my back pocket though. I have noticed that I have developed a strange affliction because of all of my progress today. Some people get tennis elbow or sewer's wrists or skiier's thumb. I believe I have pressure washer's knuckle. My left hand's middle finger knuckle is not quie twice its size. Curious. It waz worth it. The first part looks great and the low tide smell gives me that beach living feeling without all the messy sand. Win-win, I'd say.

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