Sunday, September 28, 2014

Here we go...

We got the girl up this morning for her birthday breakfast in bed. When she got up, I swear she had gotten taller overnight. I can't stand it. But time marches on, friends, and we have the choice to embrace it or let it make us crazy. It depends on the day with me. We had an entertaining lunch at the local Japanese steakhouse/hibachi restaurant and ate way more rice, teriyaki and shrimp sauce than people should. We have enough leftovers for the week I think. She requested a combination of two cakes: Texas sheet cake cake and the icing from our peanut butter cake. G did the decorating of the top with mini Reese cups:

I thought her peanut butter cup star flower was lovely. The cake was pretty good too, but needed a gallon of milk with it to take the edge of the richness off. She is currently exploring the wonders of social media as we allowed her to finally get an account. It is heavily monitored and stalked by us, so she is treading lightly.

At this time 13 years ago, I was watching the hub and our nurse give S her very first bath. I wanted to get up for a closer look, but I was really tired. Her little cry sounded like a tiny kitten. She was precious and she was all ours and, though I was overwhelmed beyond belief, there was not a doubt in my mind that I would die in a heartbeat for her. Then I probably cried a while and then laughed and then had some other violent swing of emotion. The hormones were only starting their mischief in my body. She is the best first baby anyone could ask for and we are so blessed to have her and her sister and brother. We are blessed beyond measure.

Happy Birthday, sweet S!
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