Saturday, September 13, 2014

Mother-Son bonding

It has been an always exciting day of soccer for the young people in this house.The boy had a lunchtime game. They did okay. He is still learning to work with new teammates and coaches. He had some good plays and enjoyed himself and , really, isn't that really what matters? Yes, winning is nice, but I just want him to have fun at this point. S had a game as well, but late in the afternoon. It was a rough start, but ended in victory. In this case, especially, the victory was espeically sweet. Their teammate took a trip to the hospital and suffered a broken wrist. The opposing team had a lot of less than kind words to say, but plenty of snotty things to share. The win was super sweet when those parents were silenced. My child, magnet for random and odd injuries, went in for a kick and took a post to the shin. She has a nice lump there for a trophy...right above where her cymbal landed last night after the strap broke. That kid is a mess.

Currently, the hub has taken the oldest to a youth group football party at church. G is watching Steve Spangler science experiment videos on YouTube. The boy and I are watching the always riveting "Airplane Repo". It was this or some sort of smart-mouthed angsty kid show on Disney. Sorry, Vol Nation, we are not watching the football game. I've had enough sports for this day. When the kids go to bed, I will get crazy and have some ice cream and watch Criminal Minds. I know you wish you were me. Living the dream, my friends.

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