Monday, February 6, 2017

Well, that is interesting

I got a panicked but hopeful text from my oldest this afternoon. "Is school really out the next two days?!?!?!". I was confused since there was no snow on the ground. No tornado damage knocking out power to the schools. "Not that I know of...let me check around." SO I checked Twitter and the different news websites and the school website. Nothing. Then the 12 year old texted and stated the same material. "I don't know. There is nothing out there for public consumption, so I have no clue." Then more panicked, but excited, texts. One had already been invited for a sleepover at a friend's house. "We don't have sleepovers on school know that." "But MOM, the teachers say that it is I can spend the night?". Ugh. Finally, an adult person with credibility beyond hearing rumors in the hallway texted that school was indeed cancelled for the next two days due to illness. Lots of the counties around us have been closed and teacher, student and substitute absences warranted a shut down and deep clean of our school system as well. I think the cheering volume level just about blew the roof off the schools. Mine are certainly happy...especially since we are having a tropical winter and those snow days are just sitting there unused.

So we will get to sleep in and I can sleep off some cold medication. Thank goodness.

Night all.

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