Sunday, February 5, 2017

Super Bowl Snoozeday

I did not sleep well last night or at all. Then I made the choice, questionable as it turned out to be, to take full strength Sudafed before work this morning. Not the Sudafed light, but the stuff you have to show ID for and soon, at least for our super meth making state, will probably have to give some sort of urine sample in order to purchase. The whole morning I felt like I was watching myself work while worms crawled through my hair. It was not pleasant, because I had to try and communicate with others. It was a challenge for sure. So when I got home, I really wanted to have a nap, but remembered that the Valentine's Dance is this coming Saturday and I needed to get the girls each a dress. Got that done and then I sat down to watch the Puppy Bowl with the boy. Let's just say, I watched enough to hear the one legged dog was from Tennessee and then I conked out hard for 20 minutes. Because of that indiscretion, I will probably not be able to sleep tonight, but boy did it feel nice. We rounded out the afternoon by helping the hub clean the rest of the garage(mouse count up to 7 caught in there...yuck). The girls are currently at church at the youth Super Bowl party. The boy, the hub and I have consumed pizza and are watching from the comfort of our couch. I was in pajamas before 6pm. There's no shame in that. In terms of commercials so far, the favorite so far being Terry Bradshaw with the stain on his shirt. That's all I've got.

Going to go snuggle with my boy and see if I can make to half time before cooking out again.

Night all.

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