Saturday, February 4, 2017

I'm Kinda Tired

We had our big fundraising dinner this evening to benefit the youth summer mission trips. It was quite the affair with beautiful table decorations, a silent auction, wonderful entertainment and gourmet food. S and I went in this morning to help with food prep. I can honestly say that the two of dealt more with sweet potatoes this morning than we ever have in entire loves. S peeled five gajillion potatoes and I chopped and peeled that many as well. We both have the inconvenient blisters on our fingers to prove it. We chopped apples and made stuffing for the pork loin with our favorite dentist. How funny is that? Yesterday he was cutting half of my tooth off to make way for a crown and today he was instructing me on cube size for sweet potato pieces. He did stop to check and see if I was experiencing pain from yesterday. I fibbed a little and told him I was fine. It may just be residual tenderness from the numbing and work that went on in there yesterday. Hopefully that white lie won't come back to bite me in the form of a root canal. Serves me right if it does. If only I could relieve my stress a different way other than clenching my teeth. Crack..crack..CROWN ME!!

Anyhoo, enough about my screwed up dental work. The entertainment was great. I enjoyed seeing my oldest get up and play her ukulele along with another player and a singer. Elvis is always a hit and I think they were successful. My favorite magician performed tonight. If you want to look him up, go to YouTube and look up "Ed Ripley Cups and Balls" and you can see him. I usually don't use the full names of relatives or friends on here since they might not want to be mentioned and I am usually writing this at night. So if I were to call relative X up at 10:30pm on a Saturday night, they would answer the phone with "What's wrong?!?! Do you need us" and not "Am I on the blog tonight, because yes you can mention me thanks for asking." It might make Thanksgiving dinner a little strained, so I just refer to them by their first initial. But Ed is an entertainer. He's also a nuclear metallurgist, a musician, a crafter, a genius and a gifted magician. He has several patents. He is friends with one of the top balloon artists in the world and he has created tricks for some of the big Vegas magic acts. And coolest of all? He's our friend. So whenever he is doing any part of his act, buddy we are THERE. My kids think he is the bomb diggity, so naturally, they enjoyed the heck out of him.

In the midst of all these preparations, my sainted husband was at home cleaning out the garage of all the crud that is providing refuge for apparently the whole mouse population of our neighborhood. As of 9:50 tonight, we have caught 6 mice in two days. He got all of the sawdust out and the old lumber and crap out and took it to the dump. So now, when we pull into the garage, we can easily see the carnage from the t-Rex mousetraps right on the middle of the garage. Yuck.

After all that, I just want to say thank you to all those who came to the meal or helped with the meal or brought something for the auction. It all is helping these kids with the opportunity to go minister to those who need God's love so desperately. What a gift all the way around!

Night all.

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