Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Day One

So here we are in school sponsored sick day number one. My sinus infection reached a new yuck point and the kids were ready to enjoy their unexpected day of freedom. The boy enjoyed some online gaming with his buddy on the xbox. The girls enjoyed sleeping in and then making plans for the day. I was able to sew up a few bunnies to prepare them for stuffing. I hit the wall by about 11:00am...just about the time the kids were ready to get crazy. Unfortunately for them, crazy turned into a trip to the grocery for more meds and a trip to Hobby Lobby to get more poly-fil to stuff bunnies. I can sit and stuff a bunny and cough and lay my head back for a little while. Then G helped me get crazy and put some stickers on the back of my car. I've had one of those removeable stickers on the inside of my back window, but nothing else. That's how boring of a day we've had...but I am totally fine with that. Currently, one has gone to the movies, one is xboxing(guess who) and one is asleep on the couch. Party animals we are.

I'm going to take some more meds and get another layer of clothes on.

Night all.

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