Thursday, February 2, 2017

T-Rex Strikes Again

Sorry to all of you out there who are against any kind of animal killing. This post will not be for you. We have a garage that is unique in that it has a door at the front and the back. Since it only holds one car, it has to have something in it to make it more palatable. The mechanism of the back garage door is held up partially by a 2x4 that runs from one side to the other. Every so often, we will see a little creature run across the 2x4 to another location. This is kind of freaky and makes us not want to be in the garage all that often. We do have woods behind our house and the neighbors have a wood pile and a yard they never mow, so there are plenty of little rodents hanging around. The pest control guy came on Wednesday and put two mouse traps called "T-Rex" traps on the 2x4. Since then, we check the status of the traps. They have not moved since they were put out...until tonight. We opened the garage and, eek, there was only one trap. Where was the other one? I was not going to look. I'm a chicken. I told the hub who said he would check it when he got home. I got a "We got one!" Text. Kind of reminds me of Ghostbusters. So glad we got it. I have no life.

I get a new tooth tomorrow. I pray I can make it through the night tonight, O thought I was going to tear the house apart it hurt so bad last night. Clove oil rescued me.

Night all.

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