Friday, December 19, 2014

We're free!!!

It is officially Winter Break as the school system calls it and I feel like quite a weight has been lifted off the shoulders of the whole family. And as a bonus, no assignments were given to complete over Chirstmas break. Woo hoo!! This afternoon I prepared the house for the arrival of the in laws and make two batches of cookie dought to be made tomorrow and distributed to the elderly neighbors on our street. That way we can get a hit of cookie dough and spread a little holiday cheer to our seasoned citizens. Tomorrow hopefully brings present wrapping and cookie baking and possible last minute shopping. We'll see. Tonight we showed the grandparents the video of the choir concerts an d band concert. I still am amazed at the caliber of performance by the Off Broadway Kids...especially CR who literally transformed in front of our eyes with a fantastic performance. That girl...just amazing and what talent!

I am about to collapse and head to bed. I think I got molasses in my hair from making gingerbread cookie dough, so a hair washing is a must. Hope the cookies are worth it. Night all.

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