Tuesday, December 23, 2014

If I ever see another cookie...

Every Christmas Eve, our church delivers plates of cookies to people in our community who have to work. Unfortunately, each year the numbers have gone down in terms of how many people make cookies to be delivered. New life has been injected into this year's cookie project and a new challenge to Sunday School classes has been issued. 20 dozen per class. That brought forth a giant sucking sound from many people, but it really is not unreasonable. My sugar cookie recipe makes about 6-7 doezen just from one batch. So three to four people baking cookies is about all it takes to fulfill the goal. I have made two batches of my sugar cookies in the last few days. My aunt gave me three family size rolls of peppermint sugar cookie dough that she was unable to make(she and my uncle both got the FLU bless their hearts). So I baked all of that dough also. My sinuses ar certainly clear from all of that mint. I wrapped up about 11 plates of 1.5-2 dozen cookies each, saving some back for Santa and deciding not to use the gingerbread cookie we made that kind of flopped. Then I made two batches of pie crust and made two pecan pies. Get me the heck out of the kitchen.

I will now sit down with the children to watch Elf. Their laughter is infectious. I gotta go.

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