Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Noisy Christmas Story

Tonight is Christmas Eve and all is merry and bright at our house, well, for the most part. Four out of the five of us are pajama'ed and lounging on the couch watching "A Christmas Story". Earlier, we feasted on our usual holiday meatloaf after discovering all the mischievious things the visiting elves did while we were at church. They brought us each a new pair of pajamas, ran toilet paper throughout the downstairs, mixed up horrible concoctions in the kitchen and googled ways to make dogs sleep and how to settle elves stomachs. We then sat and read the story of the first Christmas. G read the first rendition and, not unlike the first Christmas, the listening audience was noisy. Not rudely so, but they couldn't help it. The dog had to be included in the listening audience since she is part of our family. Before the Angel of the Lord had appeared to the shepherds in the field, the hub had the dog snarling in a headlock while the boy giggled and his big sister gasped in shock. Not sure if there were snarling dogs in the Christmas story, but the were lowing cattle at least.

We are heading to bed soon. NORAD said Santa may be here as early as 9:30 and we can't risk being up and causing him to pass us by this year. Sleep well, all my Christmas friends. I hope you all wake up to a blessed Christmas morning.

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