Saturday, December 20, 2014

The house that ginger built

Today was a productive one. We got presents wrapped while the grandparents made sure the kids stayed upstairs and out of the workshop. We successfully wore the dog out multiple times and made several strange looking gingerbread cookies. I love to bake and would like to think I am fairly good at it. BUT, there are few things that make me more frustrated than rolling out dough...whether that be for a pie crust or a cookies to cut out with cutters. The sticky dough to flour ratio makes my temper rise. Our first few attempts looked okay, but then the dough got stickier(even though it was kept good and cold) and so the nice brown gingerbread turned into to white dusty gingerbread. We will save some of the cute ones for Santa and let Rudolph and company eat the square ones we did towards the end. They looked like reindeer treats anyway.

Now is the time for relaxation and the cleaning off of flour from every visible surface in the kitchen. Yikes. Night all.
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