Friday, December 26, 2014

Beginning the holiday ho-hums

Today was the small start of the cleaning up of the Christmas aftermath. It is always kind of a depressing time for me. I chose not to make the kids labor all day since yesterday was busy and they didn't get to play with their things very much. I will admit that I took a nap at a horrible time of day and will probably be up all night, but oh well. Tis the season. The boy worked on artwork with his new light board. He wants to be an artist:

The dog had a trip to the dog park and a run and a romp with Sparkles who was also there. She got roughed up a bit, but she sure slept well this afternoon.

As we approach the new year, I am making my 2015 list. Among the things I need to work on are being happy with myself and my gifts and talents...whatever those might be. I am developing quite the list, so the new year is shaping up to be very busy. I covet your prayers as I try to improve myself and my life so I can be around for my children and husband and can make them proud.

Now I shall go watch an epsiode of the first season of survivor with my oldest. Santa wanted her to see how the show was from the start. We're a raging party over here.
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