Monday, December 22, 2014

Shopping, Santa and Singing

G and I had quite the day of shopping. Witih her big old boot on her foot, she was a trooper as we went to several stores so she could buy gifts for the people on her list. Everyone we encountered was pleasant, for the most part, and it made the shopping so much easier. We did see Santa during our travels, but decided to wait until all of the siblings were together to pay him a visit. We knew he'd still be there. And he was at 6:45pm on the other side of town. The kids waited and saw him. The boy was very serious and had his permagrin on his face. Honestly, I'm not sure if it was excitement or terror:

Santa was a patient guy. I hope he gets good cookies this year.

After seeing Santa, G and I went to her oldest and dearest friend's(really her other sister)house to practice a song. She and her friend, CR, are singing during a portion of one of our Christmas Eve services. They sounded great...we were able to hear a couple serious takes. ANd then the giggling began and then I saw my child laying on the floor in convulsive laughter. It was a lovely sound to hear, those two. They will definitely be making a joyful noise to welcome the baby Jesus on Wednesday. I am proud of them both.

Now tis the time for bed. I am tuckered for sure. Night all.
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