Saturday, December 27, 2014

Nice uneventful day

I had to take S to a birthday party at the mall this morning. It was a scavenger hunt that proved to be quite fun and entertaining for all involved. I was able to find some after Christmas deals, so everyone was happy. Afterwards, the kids and I played Phase 10 and watched old Survivior episodes while the hub was the only true fan and watched the Hokies with in their bowl game. We then worked the community meal at church which included dishwashing and feating on Mr. Richard's meatloaf.

Afterwards, the hub and I went and played Cards Against Humanity with my brother and sister in law. I feel like I should go straight to hell, but I laughed harder than I have in a long time. I needed it. Badly. I need to go to bed now and wash the funk of the day off of me. Night all.

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