Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Another check on the list

It was party time excellent with the second graders today. The teacher was playing nurse to his recovering from surgery wife, so the subs and the moms(and one dad)pressed on and did our best. We made some crafts, played several hardcore games of Bingo with holiday M&M's as markers and of course ate various and sundry Christmas delights. I found myself quite amazed at the eating habits of some of the little people. One child wanted a doughnut, about 37 grapes and the green m&m's only. Another child wanted everything but the doughnut and wanted to mix strawberries with his string cheese...blurg. They had a good time. Here is the boy with one of his ornaments:

A paint sample Christmas tree. Pretty cute. Tomorrow is G's party. We'll see how 5th graders like to party. I imagine most of it will involve eating...and more eating. Whatever floats their boats.

One last thing. G had to make a Christmas craft for a 4H project. She made several different ones, but this was my favorite:

The snowman holy family. They are socks filled with rice. She said, "The holy family can also be a healing family...just pop them in the microwave for a couple of minutes and they will soothe aches and pains." That kid is a mess.
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