Monday, December 29, 2014

Lazy rainy day

Today was not totally, but almost completely, a day of sloth. I did laundry, shopped for groceries and swept the floors. The rest of the day consisted of watching episodes of Survivor Season 1 that Santa brought S. It is one of the few seasons I have watched completely. My oldest is such a Survivor fan, but she's only watched the last maybe 4 seasons. Luckily the jolly old elf felt the girl needed to see where it all started. She was completely blown away by how much the game has changed. She was annoyed at the winner, but thorougly enjoyed it. Rainy days make you feel not so bad about binge watching something. The kids also decided that they wanted to cook dinner tonight. Who am I to tell them no? It was quite tasty:

Flatbread pizzas, tossed salad, cherry limeade and cake and ice cream for dessert. Not too shabby.

Honestly, that is about all I have to report today. I did get gas and use my Kroger gas points. My gas ended up being $1.13/gallon. This was the result:

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